Hao Zou, Ph.D., MBA

Email: Hao@haozou.org

Dr. Hao Zou is currently a global portfolio manager and permanent member of the Americas Portfolio Committee at Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO). He also serves as a Board Director, Secretary, and executive commitee member of the Marconi Society and an advisor to several rising star California tech startups. He is President of Stanford Business School Alumni Association in Orange County and Secretary of Tsinghua University Alumni Association in Southern California.

He received his PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering, MBA, and MA in Economics from Stanford University in 2011 and completed the four degrees in three years. He joined PIMCO in 2011 as the youngest Portfolio Manager ever hired and started immediately as a Treasuries and Derivatives Portfolio Manager, trading and co-managing firm-wide Treasuries and Derivatives portfolio of hundreds of billions of USD. He is currently a Global Portfolio Manager at PIMCO, focusing on global government bonds, G10 FX, futures, and interest rate derivatives portfolio management. He also serves as a permanent member of the Americas Portfolio Commitee at PIMCO.

Before joining PIMCO, he has represented Stanford University in various national and international telecommunication standards committees for more than three years and co-developed next-generation network standards to bring faster Internet to billions of users. He has served as a reviewer, panelist and opening speaker for 10+ top-tier technology conferences and journals. His research expertise encompasses systematic, relative value and global macro investment strategies, dynamic resource allocation, optimization, information transmission, and their applications in various interdisciplinary areas. He is a Fellow of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and former President of Tau Beta Pi’s Stanford Chapter.

Dr. Zou is a winner of the inaugural Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar Award, presented at the UK’s Royal Society in 2008. He was elected Board Director and Secretary-Treasurer of the Marconi Society in 2014, replacing retiring director Dr. Andrew Viterbi (Qualcomm Co-Founder and whom USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering was named for). He is currently the youngest board director and officer ever elected in Marconi Society's more than 40 years' history, voting together with fellow board directors, including Dr. John M. Cioffi ("Father of DSL"), Dr. Vint Cerf ("Father of the Internet") and Dr. Henry Samueli (Co-Founder & Chariman of Broadcom), on the awarding of the annual $100,000 Marconi Prize, widely considered to be the Nobel Prize for telecommunications.

He received his undergraduate degree from Stanford in 2008. He was a Stanford Graduate Fellow, a Frederick E. Terman Award winner, and one of ten recipients of Stanford University's Deans' Award for Academic Accomplishment in 2008. He was an inaugural member of Tsinghua University's Xuetang Talents Computer Science Program before transferring to Stanford in 2006. He is an alumni of Ministry of Education of China's Special Science Program for less than 100 nationally selected high school students (out of more than 17 million) and a technology inventor and patents owner since high school. He had won numerous national medals and awards in technology innovation, informatics/computer science, math and physics Olympiads before entering Tsinghua University in 2004, waived of all college entrance examinations (less than 0.01% nationwide). In 2015, He was selected by the State Council of China as an "Eminent Young Overseas Chinese" under the age of 45.